Seollal (Korean New Year)

Korean New Year, Seollal, is the first day of the lunar calendar and so begins a three-day national holiday. I was curious to know how Koreans celebrate the occasion and it is often spent with family, whereby families honour their ancestors,  pay respect to elders, play games, wear the traditional dress (hanbok) and eat delicious food.  I was also […]

Winterlude – highlights from weekend one

Jinju lantern festival As part of the Year of Korea in Canada, the Jinju Namgang Yudeung (Lantern)Festival created a garden of lanterns, a tunnel made out of more than 1,000 lanterns at Confederation Park for Winterlude. I wanted to go see the display, so my daughter and I zipped over to Confederation Park to check things […]

Baby it’s cold outside…

It’s cold again. Really cold. I swear yesterday’s 12C compared to the temperature of -17C right is just down right cruel. I fight back. I pull the scarf up higher, pull the toque down lower, and I eat soup. Frequently. I was inspired one day to make an asian themed soup. I love pho and it seemed I could just make something […]

Originally posted on Korea-Canada Blog:
 The twinkle lights around Ottawa are still emanating a soft glow even though most of us have started to hunker down for the harsher winter months that lie ahead. Christmas lights in Seoul In between Christmas and New Years, I started sketching out a list in my head of resolutions for 2013. I have always considered the beginning of a…