A Couch Fit for a Barbie

Once upon a barbie sofa, there sat Barbie who found her sofa to be so comfortable, she invited Ken to share in its coziness. Much to Barbie’s dismay, Ken settled onto the sofa and then promptly fell asleep. The end. No wait, he snored. The end. To be continued….(tomorrow, same time, same place).

I do have a point to this post, I really do. You see, my daughter has dreams. Big dreams, small dreams, dreams involving a Christmas elf named Willy who is both companion and servant, dreams involving a couch fit for a barbie that comes with a removable cushion.

Hmmm…well, with the price of renting elves going up lately, I decided to grant my daughter’s wish for a barbie couch, so off I went to the fabric store in search of foam and fabric. The foam I picked up was a package of 3 square sheets intended to be seat cushions, so the foam itself wasn’t all that dense or stiff, but they were inexpensive and seriously, Barbie hasn’t gained an ounce since 1959. Girlfriend keeps her figure in check at a trim 7.25 ounces.

My daughter, in her excitement, tore open the package of foam and enthusiastically began cutting away. A few seconds later, she held up to show me what I can only best describe as a parallelogram and proudly exclaimed the seat cushion had been cut. You know, the kind of seat cushion you’d find in the back, on the floor, with a few dusty footprints on it, of the slightly damaged/reject room at Ikea.

So after coaching my daughter on tracing the layers of foam, we had cut out the base and the back of the couch, the cushion to go on the seat and then the sides. I only later thought of buying teeny tiny couch legs or something for the look of button tufting, but I’m about as impatient as my daughter to see the final product, I think it was a success. I would estimate it took 90 cents in foam, another 75 cents in thread and fabric and a couple of hours to handsew everything.

barbie on couch

Barbie likes her new furniture.

Now I’m working on the matching chair. I’m going to make an effort to be more consistent in my stitching, for overall uniformity.

barbie chair

Seat cushion has been sewn, pieces of foam set up to demonstrate how the final product might look


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