I Dream of Dreaming

Have you ever woken up in the morning and remembered your dream, a dream so vivid it could have been real. And then as the day goes on, there are aspects of the dream that start to fade. You sorta remember why you were there or who you were with or what you were supposed to be doing, but it’s not 100 % clear.

Last night I had the strangest dream. I must share…

  1. My parents told me that my partner had been in a car accident, although it was not clear if it was fatal or what had happened (I didn’t ask, I think I didn’t want to know). Then I remember looking out into my parents’ driveway and I could see the shell of my partner’s vehicle sitting on the flatbed of a truck. It wasn’t his current vehicle, but one of his previous makes/models. I remember thinking, where is the truck he’s driving? and I noticed the cars parked around the flatbed truck were my partner’s past vehicles.
  2. I went to send a Facebook message to my partner’s sister and his mother to relay the news of the accident, but the next thing I recall is seeing my parents reacting with pity, so I deducted that I had updated my Facebook status and not sent a private message. Now the whole world knows.
  3. In the next part of the dream, or an entirely different dream, I was in a social setting where regular folks like me and “bad people” were mixed together and everyone was to watch their behaviour, so they didn’t get into a tussle with a bad person. At some point, I remember irritating one or two of them, how I’m not sure but I think I said the wrong thing, so there was definitely a fear that I was in danger. I was searching for an exit to the building to escape, but they were impossible to find. That idea where you enter one room and it’s attached to another room and the door on the other side leads into another room, etc. 
  4. I don’t remember if it was another dream, but I remember being in love with some guy. I recall thinking to myself, this is a face I’ve seen before because we only dream of faces we’ve seen. I was overwhelmed with that gushing feeling, but I can’t for the life of me remember what his face looked like now. I know it wasn’t my partner’s face. This person’s face was boy’ish. Like, boy band boy’ish. Well, older, legal boy band boy’ish to be exact. Bordering on slightly effeminate.

I remember years ago I couldn’t wait to go to bed every night for the simple fact I could dream 🙂 Now that I think about it, it could have been a low point in my life seeing as snoozing was way more appealing that being conscious. Thankfully life has picked up for me 🙂

Some of my recurring bad dreams involve…

  1. not being able to drive a standard car – I had one for a short period, so technically I did learn how to drive stick, but it’s always been intimidating for me.
  2. not being able to run. I seem to sort of hover above the ground at an angle and moving forward, which would suggest I might be running at cartoon high speeds, or trying my hardest to run but not succeeding (similar to trying to shout but with no noise coming out). Only once do I remember ever having the sensation that I was legitimately running.
  3. missing a class the entire semester because I wasn’t aware I was taking the course.

Cake pops round no. 2 tomorrow, kids. I want to make a few for a coworker who’s leaving his 9-5 to pursue a music career full-time. I printed off his band’s logo because I wanted to copy the font and then somehow reproduce that on a cake pop. How, I’m not sure. I might make myself a stencil and fill it in using food colouring pens. I’m concerned it’ll require a few, or 10, tries, so I may actually do the lettering on a chocolate disk, then attach that to the cake pop rather than writing directly on the cake pop. If I was really creative, I’d recreate the album cover in cake pop form. That’s a big if, but seriously, that would be so awesome. If all else fails, I’ll resort to googly eyes. No one can resist a big ol’ set of googly eyes. Not me, at least.

 I’ll definitely take pictures !


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