More photos from Winterlude

For some reason, I had forgotten to add other Winterlude photos I had taken at Confederation Park last weekend. Then again, is anything more important than photos about food. Short answer to that question is no. 

Jinju lantern

Jinju lantern

Bear on stilts

Bear on stilts

I should consult the Winterlude website to learn who the man dressed up in white and the polar bear are supposed to represent. When he saw the photo, my partner thought it was a hunter and a polar bear, whereas that never even crossed my mind. I assumed he was some mystical snow wizard who made friends with a polar bear. Interestingly, two men who looked to be in their 40s went up to the bear and gave him a few punches to the gut. It looked to be a childish act of aggression against a mascot. 

lantern display

Jinju lantern display

Jinju lantern


Ice sculpture - polar bear

Ice sculpture – polar bear



A pretty rockin’ percussion band

Coloured ice block art

Making a tower of coloured ice blocks


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