What I’ve been watching lately

About six or seven years ago when I let go of cable, I resorted to watching shows online. Not immediately though because I didn’t know that was possible, but when I finally did catch on to the wonders of the world wide web, I confirmed that it’s not as gratifying as flipping through the channels, but it’s definitely far more efficient.

As a result though, I’ve admittedly missed the boat on popular shows. Someone will ask, did you see _____? -never heard of it. Have you been watching ____, can you believe it? -sorry, missed that one. Sometimes I’ll pretend to have watched the show if the show’s title sounds familiar, you know, just to fit in. Ok, I did that once.

But there are some shows I do follow regularly and one such show is the Graham Norton Show. I am solidly addicted to The Graham Norton Show. He is sooo funny. His quick wit, his humour, the chemistry between Graham and his guests. Oh, it kills me. I love the format of his show and how  freely the guests interact with one another. It just flows naturally and I love it.

I’m also a big fan of Cougar Town. I wasn’t necessarily a huge fan of Friends. Sure, I watched all of the episodes, er, twice, but it wasn’t what drew me to watch Cougar Town. Honestly, I can’t say what did actually, but I absolutely adore the humour and find the show is well written.

And with a lil’ shame (because I think it’s the right thing to say), I follow all of the Real Housewives franchises. Not exactly intelligent tv or sophisticated, certainly not the kind of thing I would bring up at a social gathering unless I knew I was among a ‘safe’, non-judgemental crowd. It’s my our dirty little tv secret. Please don’t tell anyone.


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