Hump day cravings

I’ve been craving a few things lately, surprisingly not related to food, and I thought it’d be fun to share them with you.

– a clutch, preferably a large envelope style soft leather clutch in a saturated jewel tone. Soooo sophist (so much so I don’t even need to spell out the entire word!!!). Handles on a purse? -No.  Handleless chic’ness? -Indeed! From a practical standpoint, it can be thrown up into the armpit and wedged, so that it is still possible to find the keys to the car and hold a coffee all at the same time.

-an oversized, mustard coloured chunky knit infinity scarf. The finishing touch to any woman’s cozy winter, artsy look.

red matte lips, ones that make me look like I’m not trying too hard.

-full and bouncy long hair that’s been blow dried with a big round brush. I don’t know what it is, but i’ve been doing less straightening and more bouncifying. I’m loving a fuller head of hair ! For once my coarse mane actually working to my advantage!

-and a coconut cream pie like the one below that I made last summer. coconut cream pie

I couldn’t help myself – it’s late afternoon and my blood sugar is waning.


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