Your sweet spot for choosing a recipe

Some time in the last four or five years, I developed this knack for finding delicious recipes. It involves some serious Googling techniques and a keen eye for deliciousness. Check and check. I’m not swayed by retouched images, beautiful lighting or cute vintage baking props (as evidenced by my own lower quality photos). No, I see a dessert for what it really is. I think this is the gift…though, it’s too bad my gift applies only to baked goods. The odds, right?

cupcake ecard

When a picture catches my eye, I quickly read through the list of ingredients, baking instructions, etc. and go back and forth between images and recipes before deciding if I’m going to follow one or a combination of different recipes based on taste, time and effort. I believe a dessert doesn’t require spending hours in the kitchen in order to be delicious. Last fall, I scoured the Interwebs in search of a fall-themed cupcake and I dreamed up a perfectly spiced pumpkin cupcake filled with caramel, covered in a vanilla buttercream, and topped with toasted walnuts and more caramel drizzled over top. Ha. You know, simple, low key.

S'more cupcakes

I also saved myself some time (and possibly reconstructive surgery?) by purchasing a jarred caramel sauce. I don’t own a candy thermometer or trust myself being in charge of a large pot of boiling sugar. I sometimes have to remind myself that I’m the person who burned a four-inch piece off my forearm during that phase where I wouldn’t open the oven door entirely. You see, when my daughter was younger, I had a fear she’d come bounding in the kitchen toward the oven while the door lay open, so by not opening it all of the way, I convinced myself it was safer for her (me, not so much). And that’s why store bought will, on occasion, trump homemade. Thankfully for my own well being, I have restarted opening the oven door all of the way. Progress. For fun, I should compile a list of my irrational fears and share them/compare notes.

Behold the s’more cupcake – a graham cracker cupcake, filled with marshmallow fluff, topped with more marshmallow fluff that’s been toasted, graham cracker crumbs, and a piece of milk chocolate.


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