Get it poppin’

ColorTouch-1358777042665My daughter’s baptism was this weekend and I wanted to make some kind of dessert, but I didn’t feel like making a big ol’ cake or truthfully, having the temptation of leftovers of a big ol’ cake. 

I wanted something to give to my nieces and nephew, something fun for children. Enter cake pops!

I had made cake balls (essentially the same way) two or three years ago at Christmas time, but I hadn’t made them since and I have always wanted to try decorating them beyond the standard chocolate coating.

I purchased the sticks and chocolate wafers at a bulk food store. I already had a variety of sprinkles on hand. I went with a French Vanilla cake mix. If I could do it over, I would make sure the cake was cooked through properly (whoops) and I wouldn’t have chosen a whipped variety of frosting. I did manage to scoop away the uncooked centre of the cake (hangs head in shame) before crumbling the cooled cake and combining it with a third of a container of prepared frosting. I thought I was being modest by starting with a third of a container of frosting, but it still may have been too much. The mix felt like it had too much moisture. Hey, I won’t go as far as saying soggy balls (because it makes me uncomfortable), but even after freezing them for a couple of hours, they were still very pliable. More than I wanted.

I still consider it a victory though because the cake pops 1) stayed on the stick 2) the balls withstood the chocolate coating process and 3) they were delicious.

In the end, I wished I had thought of picking up some food colouring, like black, for painting on finer features such as pupils, eyebrows, whiskers, etc. or at minimum, some black sprinkles, but other than that, I was pleased with my first go at it.  

Cake pop – a kitty cat !

I made three cats for the girls and a horse for my nephew. Actually, I made four cats, but the first cake pop I decorated clearly looked like a cat, but a cat you’d walk away from if it crossed your path. It looked off, so I made it disappear. And in case it’s not clear, I have not included a picture of the bad kitty, so if you’re unimpressed by any of the cake pops I have pictured, you can imagine the gravity of cake pop no. 1.

The not-as-scary kitty cat and horse cake pop.


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