Baby it’s cold outside…

It’s cold again. Really cold. I swear yesterday’s 12C compared to the temperature of -17C right is just down right cruel. I fight back. I pull the scarf up higher, pull the toque down lower, and I eat soup. Frequently. I was inspired one day to make an asian themed soup. I love pho and it seemed I could just make something […]

What I’ve been watching lately

About six or seven years ago when I let go of cable, I resorted to watching shows online. Not immediately though because I didn’t know that was possible, but when I finally did catch on to the wonders of the world wide web, I confirmed that it’s not as gratifying as flipping through the channels, but it’s definitely far more efficient. […]

Hump day cravings

I’ve been craving a few things lately, surprisingly not related to food, and I thought it’d be fun to share them with you. – a clutch, preferably a large envelope style soft leather clutch in a saturated jewel tone. Soooo sophist (so much so I don’t even need to spell out the entire word!!!). Handles on a purse? -No.  […]

Your sweet spot for choosing a recipe

Some time in the last four or five years, I developed this knack for finding delicious recipes. It involves some serious Googling techniques and a keen eye for deliciousness. Check and check. I’m not swayed by retouched images, beautiful lighting or cute vintage baking props (as evidenced by my own lower quality photos). No, I see a dessert for what it […]

Get it poppin’

My daughter’s baptism was this weekend and I wanted to make some kind of dessert, but I didn’t feel like making a big ol’ cake or truthfully, having the temptation of leftovers of a big ol’ cake.  I wanted something to give to my nieces and nephew, something fun for children. Enter cake pops! I had made cake balls […]

Originally posted on Korea-Canada Blog:
 The twinkle lights around Ottawa are still emanating a soft glow even though most of us have started to hunker down for the harsher winter months that lie ahead. Christmas lights in Seoul In between Christmas and New Years, I started sketching out a list in my head of resolutions for 2013. I have always considered the beginning of a…