Bag your own – bag not included

Over the course of my lunch hour today, I drove over to one of those “bag your own groceries” stores where their prices are generally lower as a result. In general, it’s not my preferred grocery store, but I’m realizing that they do sell a lot of the same things pantry items that I usually purchase at Loblaws or Metro and at a lower price. Can’t beat that, right? But I’m definitely not a fan of bag your own stores when purchasing more groceries that will fit in one bag. Beyond that and unloading the cart, bagging the groceries and paying by debit becomes an Olympic sport.

My strategy over lunch was to quickly grab the few vegetables I needed to complete the soup I had planned for dinner. But my trip ended on a sour note. I had a bit of an “issue” when I was checking out of the 1-8 express line. I try to be respectful to all folks working in customer service because I know it can be a thankless job, but I don’t take too well to being treated poorly. After I had paid, I asked the cashier for the grocery bag. I was told that I didn’t answer her when she asked me if I wanted a bag and in fact, all I said was “Uhhhhhhh” (imagine a patronizing cavewoman voice).

Whatever happened to, I apologize for the confusion, would you like to purchase a bag? I think the man in line behind me felt badly because he piped up, in a matter of fact kind of tone, that while I had said “Uhhhhh” I finished it with, “yes please” — makes me laugh (now). Customer mediation, not a laughing matter.  

Customer service

My experience wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t the best either!


Edited to add:  Don’t you agree that cashiers should inform you of the total of your purchase before you start throwing down some bills. A wide-eyed look isn’t enough for me, you know, the look that says it all:  one, I’m not telling you how much you owe (look at the screen yourself, lazy bones); and two, please don’t expect me to ask your method of payment, I’m going to wait for you to tell me if it’s cash, debit or credit.


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