Pumpkin Whoopie Pies


Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

I made these whoopie pies for the first time about 1.5 years ago. It was my first time  making whoopie pies and I was so pleased with the results that I have to share.

I used the Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe for the actual cake, which is absolutely delicious, and for the filling, I chose to go with a vanilla bean buttercream frosting. I admit that the pies perhaps didn’t look as pretty as a more traditional creme filling, but I couldn’t help myself — I just love a buttery frosting that I can sink my teeth into.

They were everything I feel a whoopie pie should be — moist and perfectly spiced.  And with a bit of experimenting, I found that piping the cake batter resulted in a smoother pie and they were more uniform in size.

I really need to try a Christmas themed whoopie pie this year. I know that chocolate and mint is a popular combination during the holidays and definitely a favourite of mine, although I do love me some sugar cookie. Speaking of sugar cookies, I just thought of those big soft cakey sugar cookies that come in the plastic throw away container, all neatly lined up in two rows. The cookies are unusually large, come frosted and decorated with colourful sprinkles. I would imagine these are comparable nutrition-wise to Little Debbie snack cakes, so not for the health-conscious or at least not on the regular.

I bought a box once (as most of these types of stories so innocently begin) and since that time, I’ve repeatedly told myself that I cannot be trusted to be alone with them and to never make eye contact. So, I admire from a distance…I nod politely in its general direction and move on.

Going back to the whoopie pies, it’s a full on love affair. I’d tuck one in each pocket if that was possible or practical. Please make these now and you might be asking yourself, But isn’t pumpkin so last fall? I’ll answer that for you — it’s good any time of year. Trust me.


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