Holiday Shopping – Tips

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet ?


Not me. I purchased some stocking stuffers a few weeks ago in November and it gave me such a sense of accomplishment. I can do this, I told myself. A cinch. 

I worry though — a couple of years ago when I went shopping, I really fell into the spirit of giving. You know, the one for her, one for me, one for him, one for me principle.

I could go out on a limb and blame the fact that I’m the primary shopper of my family. I take care of the grocery shopping, the clothes shopping, I do the majority of the Christmas shopping and birthday shopping. Makes me wonder — it’s not me, my family is enabling me (?)

And the sales marketing nowadays seems all the more irresistible. I get all giddy inside when I see signs with Buy 1, get 1 of equal of lesser value at 50% off or take an extra 20% off the lowest ticketed price. Heck, even the stuffed animals around here get excited.

 Alex's camera 101I wonder if that was BOGO?

But finding myself shopping alone is a rare occurrence and I admit that holiday shopping with a child can be a bit of an exercise in patience—my patience to be exact. I don’t know if I could handle shopping with more than one child , but I can offer you a few simple tips on how to keep your shopping cool with a 7 year old child in tow:

  • Never leave the house without first visiting the washroom
  • Never leave the house hungry and always bring snacks and water
  • Divise a plan of attack (i.e. we’ll go to stores X, Y and Z)
  • Do not include on your list stores like Toys R Us and avoid toy sections at all costs
  • Know your limits – if you’re tired or your child is tired, go home immediately, lock door, retain sanity
  • (Optional) Caffeinate (you, not the child)

And every year when the last price tag has been removed, last bow has been tied, I sit down on the couch and light the holiday scented candle I bought on sale at Wal-Mart. I take five and then start cleaning — company’s coming tomorrow and I have so much left to do !!!

Are you ready for the holidays? Do you have any tips on how to survive shopping during this time of year?


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