The rolls rice of wraps

It's fresh, it's delicious, it's good for you.

Fresh and delicious 

No matter which way you look at it, these things are delicious and surprisingly easy to throw together.  When my friend introduced me to the rice wrappers some 10 years ago, the process of putting these together proved to be a little more complicated than we expected. We began by immersing the dried rice paper in a shallow dish of water and the results were less than pleasing. The papers became impossible to work with, too saturated with water, tore easily, stuck to itself, etc. I have since learned the trick is to dab the dry paper with a cloth dampened with water, which I thought would not be enough water, but the once hard paper became malleable and was a breeze to work with after a few practice runs. Once I had the technique down, I told myself there was no stopping myself, I had the world at the finger tips and I was on a roll. I did stop though, eventually, because I had to eat them. By the end, like I often do, I had dipped one too many rice rolls in peanut sauce and I had reached my limit. Fortunately for me, my limit is quite high (and fortunately for me, pants are commonly made with spandex).


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