It’s baaa-ck


Raise your pole if you’re as happy as us that ski season is back !

I admit this photo was taken two summers ago when we first bought this polka dot ski set. Winter was but a distant thought. Missy will be starting her sixth ski season this month and as a 7 year-old, that’s no small feat. I secretly hope she goes pro one day, Olympics, that kind of thing. I won’t put pressure on her though because that’d be wrong – she should pursue her own dreams. Speaking of dreams, when we watched the Olympic sports coverage of the games in England last summer, we each declared our Olympic sport. Missy proudly declared her Olympic sport would be gymnastics and considering she hasn’t taken gymnastics in three years, this kid has a lot of catching up to do. I won’t underestimate her determination though because she’s bursting with the stuff.

Going back to out of season sports equipment, I was reminded of the husband’s purchase last winter. I admit, it caused a lot of confusion in the house, as most of his large purchases usually do. I would like to direct your attention to Exhibit A below — the husband’s road bike all shiny and freshly assembled during the dead of winter.

Alex's camera 126

Sometimes waiting is not an option. I’ll admit though, no one in this household lacks determination.

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